Our plans for the future... 

Improving your health, delivering well-run, high-quality services and providing consistently great care are our priorities. We know we have work to do to make improvements and we are developing a plan for the future called Living Healthier, Staying Well. 

Our plan for the future...

Working in Partnership to Improve Health and Deliver Excellent Care across North Wales. 

We are focusing on three key areas: 

Improving health and wellbeing 

Lifestyle choices such as alcohol, smoking, unhealthy diet and low levels of exercise are real challenges

Care closer to home 

Our vision for better and more sustainable healthcare rests on community based models

Hospital care

We take pride in our strong performance in a number of areas

Mental health 

Together for Mental Health in North Wales, our approach...

Your views so far

We are listening and gathering your views and ideas about the health services you want to see in the future

What matters to you

We are building on the views that you have shared about what matters most regarding your health and what you think about our services. What you told us and tell us now will help shape our plan about how we deliver care for the next ten years and beyond.



Write to us:  Living Healthier, Staying Well, Block 5, Carlton Court, St Asaph Business Park LL17 0JG