Mental Health & Wellbeing 

Together for Mental Health in North Wales outlines our new approach to responding to mental health issues for people of all ages. Responsibility for this strategy is shared jointly across three levels, the Mental Health Division; the Health Board and the wider health and care system encompassing all partners (established and new). Much of what we have planned will need the active support and commitment of partners working together across North Wales. 

Our aim is to offer a comprehensive range of services which:

  • promote health and wellbeing for everyone, focussing on prevention of mental ill health, and early intervention when required;

  • treat common mental health conditions in the community as early as possible;

  • are community-based wherever possible, reducing our reliance on inpatient care;

  • identify and treat serious mental illness as early as possible;

  • manage acute and serious episodes of mental illness safely, compassionately, and effectively;

  • support people to recovery, to regain and learn the skills they need after mental illness; and

  • assess and treat the full range of mental health problems, working alongside services for people with physical health needs.


What matters to you

We are building on the views that you have shared about what matters most regarding your health and what you think about our services. What you told us and tell us now will help shape our plan about how we deliver care for the next ten years and beyond.



Write to us:  Living Healthier, Staying Well, Block 5, Carlton Court, St Asaph Business Park LL17 0JG